What Do We Do Now?

11/04/2008 11:38:00 PM

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In surfing "the Internez" I have seen one question that is continually being asked now that Obama is our President-Elect.  "What do we do now that everything has changed?"

I wasn't aware that anything was different today from yesterday.  This is still the United States of America.  Our country is still represented by the Stars and Stripes.  I am the same person I was yesterday, and the same person I will be tomorrow, I haven't changed.  Last time I checked, my other half hasn't changed.  My neighbors haven't changed.  My responsibilities haven't changed.  There are still bills that need to be paid.  Heck, last time I checked, we still have the same President today as we had yesterday, and as we will have tomorrow.  The sun still rises, and the sun still sets.  Nothing has changed. 

You still have the same hopes, fears and dreams today, as you had yesterday and as you probably will have tomorrow.  Nothing has changed, as you are still the same person today as you were yesterday.  You still think the same way, you still have the same passion in your heart.  You still have the freedom to think for yourself and express yourself.  Your life is still the same.  Nothing has changed.... yet.

Let us hope that it stays that way, or gets better.

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