Pre-marked Obama Ballots for Non-English Speakers Found in Oakdale, CA [Obama Camp Fraud]

11/04/2008 05:51:00 PM

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Chalk another one up for the Obama Camp.  As for the McCain camp, no "strange" incidents of fraud yet.

Via The Modesto Bee.

At least two Spanish-language ballots were pre-marked for Obama at a rural Oakdale precinct Tuesday morning, causing election officials to confiscate and inspect all the blank ballots.

Hector Parra, who doesn't speak English, was handed a Spanish-language ballot, which he took to the voting station.  A moment later, he went to the precinct workers seeking help.  Since there was no designated translator working at the time, the precinct's staff asked if anyone in the crowded room could speak Spanish.

Sylvia Moreno volunteered to translate, and she said Parra didn't understand why the ballot he was given had been marked.

"It was an ink pen," Sesser said of the mark.  "It was a little shocking.  You don't expect ballots to come from the elections office like that."

Lundrigan said she didn't believe the ballots could have been tampered with at the county's election office.

"They're sealed when they leave us," said Lundrigan, nothing how the ballots are printed and processed en masse.  "We don't allow black pens anywhere near us.  We only have red pens."

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