Differences Between Palestine & Israel Demonstrations

1/13/2009 05:22:00 AM

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Tell me, who is peaceful, and who is violent?  And remember, in England, the police do not normally wear firearms on their sides.

It is being reported that the entire bill for just last weekends riots over the Israeli military action in Gaza in London (one weekend ALONE) is MORE THAN £1 MILLION ($1.45 million USD).  Cars were overturned.  A Starbucks coffee shop next to the Israeli Embassy was seriously smashed.  More here.

So, who is the cause of all this violence?  Lets take a look, shall we?  And both these videos are from London, on the same day.  And all of this in the name of religion.  Oh wait.. God is suppose to be peaceful, Allah says kill all those who aren’t Muslim.  Good thing I don’t believe in either because in the “religion” that I follow?  We don’t waste our time trying to tell the world that we are right and they are wrong.  We just laugh at them and go merrily on our way, amused.  And no I'm not Wiccan or Pagan either so don’t even go there.  But I will say this, if someone comes after me all in the name of God or Allah, then they are personally gonna meet the person they follow.  And I ain’t kiddin.  I don’t discuss, argue or fight over religion... EVER.


From January 11, 2009 in London.


From January 11, 2009 in London.  The same day as above.


Take a guess at who is who....

From January 4th, 2009 in London.
From January 11, 2009 in London
More from January 3rd in London.  This time the Bobbies are in riot gear.

So tell me, how long is it before the firebombs start?  And how long before this level of violence reaches the United States, as it has everywhere else in the world. 

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12-Year-Old Muslim Beheads Man On Video [Video]

1/13/2009 04:50:00 AM

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PLEASE NOTE BEFORE WATCHING.  This video is VERY VERY GRAPHIC and shows a child slitting and cutting the head off of a man.  I could not watch it past 0.24 seconds (and those of you who really know me, knows this says something about the video). 

ADDITIONALLY, by pressing “play” on the video, you are certifying that you are of legal age in the city, county, state, and country to view such videos.

Get ready… it’s pretty.. well… graphic.  One of the most graphic I have ever seen.  And one of the most shocking, knowing that a young child is killing this man with a knife.  This is not fake.  This is not Hollywood.  This is REAL.  This is murder.  This is radical Islam.  And all in the name of God.

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Pro-Palestinian Violence in New York City

1/13/2009 04:42:00 AM

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And so it begins in the United States.  But then again, Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Israel violence has been going on at UC–Berkley campuses for nearly 10 years.

9 arrested in NYC pro-Palestinian rally CNN

NEW YORK (CNN) — At least nine protesters were arrested in a pro-Palestinian rally in New York that injured seven police officers, authorities said.

The extent of injuries varied from minor to serious, New York police said. Two officers sustained head injuries.

Detective Cheryl Crispin said the protesters taken into custody faced charges ranging from disorderly conduct to reckless endangerment.

In a statement, the NYPD said the officers were injured when trying to break up a fight between two demonstrators.

The demonstrators had gathered on Manhattan’s West Side on Sunday afternoon to protest the Israeli incursion in Gaza.

Over on Atlas Shrugs, there is a description of a woman who was carrying an Israeli and American flag while walking home.  She was attacked after a rally, near her home, by a pack of Pro-Palestinian people.  As a side note, the woman and man in this account, are not Jewish.

“After walking home from the 42 Street & 7th Avenue Pro-Israel rally, I watched the Muslim rally participants march up 8th Avenue closely controlled by many NYC police to keep them moving along.  Even so, it appeared that many of the young men and women were eyeing the bystanders on the sidewalk in threatening way almost challenging someone to disagree with their “death to Israel” and “God Bless Hitler” chants.

I went back to my apartment where I met my boyfriend who had also just returned from the second Pro Israel rally on 39th Street & 7th Avenue. We walked outside the building and across a major midtown avenue on the West Side to buy some groceries. He was still carrying the Israeli flag and we were both wearing baseball caps with the American flag and USA on the brims. A large number of Muslims were milling around since it seems that their rally had reached its end point and was dispersing. Six Muslim men were being photographed with posters with the words, "Praise Hamas and Hezbollah, Reopen the Ovens" and were taking photos of themselves and their posters. Seeing us with the Israel flag, they began screaming, "You're assholes, Kill the Jews, We are going to kill you, This is OUR country," etc.

We went into the corner deli and they began banging on the window and stood outside in a very threatening mob waiting for us to leave. I heard one man say, "She is a female" - very observant. I don't know what this was suppose to signal to his fellow terrorists. When we left the deli a mob of the original Muslims and others who joined them came up to us screaming death to the Jews, and one man around 19/20 years old ran up and with force and hatred threw an egg into my friend's eye. This may not seem like much but I am sure the intent was for the egg shells to be lodged in his eye. The egg was not thrown from afar against his coat but was thrown like a rock would be - to inflict as much harm as possible. The assailant then grabbed our Israeli flag, threw it to the ground, and was spitting on it and wiping his feet on it. When we asked a traffic cop to make an arrest, the assailant ran away down the block but the traffic agent did not answer us nor did he call 911. He passively stood by doing NOTHING.

Two people standing on the street took photos of our attack and said they would email us with the photos to identity the criminals. We then walked back across the street to our building and were followed by a pack of Muslims - about 8 or 10 - who continued to threaten, mock and scream at us. They seemed surprised at our ferocious counter verbal attack. However, they came right within 6 inches of us saying they would kill us. One of the men was about to attack me when my boyfriend saw the assault about to begin and said, "If you touch her, I swear I'll kill you." At that point the original traffic control cop came over and a second traffic agent joined him and forced the crowd to disperse. They asked us to go into the apartment building lobby which we did.

We immediately called the police and asked to make a police report. Two NYC policemen came to the apartment about an hour later hour and took the information. They were very courteous and said they will file the report and a detective is to contact us tomorrow. They apologized for taking so long to come by but explained that there were many incidents of a similar nature that were taking place as the Muslim rally broke up. They also shared that 2 NYC police officers had been attacked at the rally and that the Muslims are 'out of control.'

Without the photos, it will be near impossible to find the Muslims involved. Even with the photos, I am not sure if the police can find the assailant or make an arrest. I am told by an attorney friend, that just the act of following and threatening is a crime in and of itself. Whatever it takes, we'll take it as far as possible to prosecute.

Any ideas as how to pursue this would be welcome. This attack could happen to anyone. This attack happened in midtown Manhattan, a major American city on a Sunday afternoon. Our country is under attack from within. We need to do much more than attend rallies."

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IDF Finds Hamas Tunnel Under Civilian Kitchen Sink [Video]

1/13/2009 04:21:00 AM

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Hamas Map Seized in Gaza [Video & Picture]

1/13/2009 04:17:00 AM

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