Obama Asks Bush To Notify Congress To Show Him The Money.

1/13/2009 03:38:00 AM

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19_baracksmassivecash_lg2 First, remember that Obama CONSTANTLY says that there is only one President, and only one Administration at a time.  He’s used that line many times recently to duck hard questions.

Obama has asked Bush to notify Congress “on his behalf” that he wants to access the second half of the $700 billion fund, according to White House press secretary Dana Perino.

The idea is to make the money available to the new administration shortly after Obama takes office Jan. 20th.

So if there is only one President at a time, or one Administration at a time, then why did Obama ask Bush to notify Congress that he wants the money?  I mean seriously… I’m REALLY starting to HATE Obama’s morals and ethics, or rather, lack of.

Via FOX.

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