Differences Between Palestine & Israel Demonstrations

1/13/2009 05:22:00 AM

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Tell me, who is peaceful, and who is violent?  And remember, in England, the police do not normally wear firearms on their sides.

It is being reported that the entire bill for just last weekends riots over the Israeli military action in Gaza in London (one weekend ALONE) is MORE THAN £1 MILLION ($1.45 million USD).  Cars were overturned.  A Starbucks coffee shop next to the Israeli Embassy was seriously smashed.  More here.

So, who is the cause of all this violence?  Lets take a look, shall we?  And both these videos are from London, on the same day.  And all of this in the name of religion.  Oh wait.. God is suppose to be peaceful, Allah says kill all those who aren’t Muslim.  Good thing I don’t believe in either because in the “religion” that I follow?  We don’t waste our time trying to tell the world that we are right and they are wrong.  We just laugh at them and go merrily on our way, amused.  And no I'm not Wiccan or Pagan either so don’t even go there.  But I will say this, if someone comes after me all in the name of God or Allah, then they are personally gonna meet the person they follow.  And I ain’t kiddin.  I don’t discuss, argue or fight over religion... EVER.


From January 11, 2009 in London.


From January 11, 2009 in London.  The same day as above.


Take a guess at who is who....

From January 4th, 2009 in London.
From January 11, 2009 in London
More from January 3rd in London.  This time the Bobbies are in riot gear.

So tell me, how long is it before the firebombs start?  And how long before this level of violence reaches the United States, as it has everywhere else in the world. 

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