12-Year-Old Muslim Beheads Man On Video [Video]

1/13/2009 04:50:00 AM

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PLEASE NOTE BEFORE WATCHING.  This video is VERY VERY GRAPHIC and shows a child slitting and cutting the head off of a man.  I could not watch it past 0.24 seconds (and those of you who really know me, knows this says something about the video). 

ADDITIONALLY, by pressing “play” on the video, you are certifying that you are of legal age in the city, county, state, and country to view such videos.

Get ready… it’s pretty.. well… graphic.  One of the most graphic I have ever seen.  And one of the most shocking, knowing that a young child is killing this man with a knife.  This is not fake.  This is not Hollywood.  This is REAL.  This is murder.  This is radical Islam.  And all in the name of God.

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