I'm taking a break...

11/06/2008 12:10:00 AM

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I'm burnt out on Obama with so many incorrect statements and flat out lies going around between people calling him the President-Elect, which he is not, and calling him the first black president, which he isn't even legally black.

And I've already dealt with my first "Obama's gonna take care of people like you cracker" comment in real life for simply walking past a certain group of ethnic kids, and it was only Tuesday evening when this was said to me, just outside of where I reside, in my own neighborhood.

I'm sick and tired of seeing his face plastered on cars, in magazines, on billboards, on TV every five minutes, and all over the Internet as if he's the "The One", and "The Messiah".  Yet, in an article today the following was stated in his victory speech:

  • The deficit will be more than $1 trillion a year for several years.
  • The country needs a massive new fiscal stimulus.
  • The housing market will continue to decline through at least 2010
  • Interest rates and taxes will eventually have to rise after the economy stabilizes
  • Weak corporations have to be allowed to fail
  • Millions of homeowners will lose their house
  • The government simply cannot "bail the country out" -- not because it lacks the will, but because it lacks the power

So basically, here's the first sign that Obama has deceived all the people who voted for him however, it's not going to stop me from adding a post-it note to any medical bill that I receive telling them to send the bill to Obama, since I can't afford medical insurance and have a heart problem, and since I am not eligible for disability, or welfare, yet I have nearly $10,000 in medical bills.  Time for him to start work on "sharing the wealth" as he promised and also for him to start work on a national healthcare system as he promised.

And I'm the person that is accused of being a liar, a racist, and a manipulator of words....  welcome to "change" people.

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