Five Videos of Black Panthers "Intimidation" At The Polls In Philly. [Obama's Civilian Security Force?]

11/04/2008 11:47:00 AM

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After the videos, read about an Obama volunteer on scene that disputes all of these videos and states that McCain campaign people were baiting the Panthers....... No joke.  Her facts are rather, mixed up, to say the least from what is seen in the videos.  I believe that the Obama volunteer that has made the statements, is the woman in the background of the videos, holding the clipboard, wearing jeans, white shirt, and black jacket, who tries to tell the police upon first arrival, that nothing is going on.
bpThings to note in the first video.
  *  At 0:15 you can hear someone say "get him out of here" as the man with the video camera walks towards the door.
  * At 0:38 when asked who the men in black where, the man with the nightstick states "I'm security"
*  At 0:56 when the man with the camera states that it's a little intimidating for him to be holding a stick, the man in black responds "Who are you to decide?"


The police did come, and had the men leave.  At least we are still a free nation as of today, and this may be one of the last acts of free America.  Note that the gentleman with the nightstick is now hiding it.

After the police came, Fox News arrived on the scene.  One Black Panther remained on scene.  However, there was one individual who was there who claimed to have been harassed and intimidated by the Black Panther duo.

When FoxNews attempted to speak to the remaining Black Panther, he became quite defensive stating that FOX News was breaking the law with their mere presence, and did not want to talk to FOX News.  The man then proceeds to flip the reporter off.  The police then arrive, and tell FOX News they must leave.


After FOX News consulted with their attorneys, learned they could be in front of the polling place, as long as they were 10 feet away from the entrance.  FOX News learned that  the one Black Panther who remained is a "certified poll watcher". Listening to the man, he has a "nice" attitude for a "certified poll watcher". In the video below, the remaining Black Panther denies any information about the other Black Panther that had the nightstick.  Eventually, the man just walks away.


"But an Obama campaign volunteer who's been on the scene since 6:30 AM this  morning tells me in a phone interview that there's been absolutely no intimidation of voters at all today.  [...]

But Jacqueline Dischell, the Obama volunteer, tells me by phone that that's false.

Dischell confirms that there were in fact two black panthers guarding the polling place, a nursing home on Fairmont Avenue in north Philadelphia, earlier this morning.

But she says one was an officially designated poll watcher (it was not immediately clear which municipal office had designated him in that role), and the second was his friend.  The second panther, who left two or three hours ago, was the one with the nightstick, she says.

Dischell says that earlier this morning a few men who identified themselves as being from the McCain campaign came and started taking pictures of the two panthers on their cell phones.  She suggested that they seemed to be baiting the panthers, and that the designed watcher may have given them the finger in response to the picture taking.

The police came roughly an hour and a half later.  She says she talked to the cops and told them there had been no incident.  The police drove away without getting out of the car, she adds.

Some time later, a second, larger group of men whose affiliation couldn't be determined came with real cameras and started taking more pictures.  Maybe 15 minutes later the cops returned.  This time, they spoke to people on both sides, and told the panther not designated to watch the polls to leave, which he did without argument.

"There was no fight, nothing," she says.

Fox News arrived on the scene at around that time and started interviewing people near the entrance.  The building manager asked the Fox reporter to leave, she says, and he moved further from the entrance.

"That's where things now stand.  "There has been no fighting, no voter intimidation at all," she said.

I think Mz. Dischell has her facts seriously, SERIOUSLY incorrect based upon the above videos.  But then, what do you expect from one of the Obamabots?

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Anonymous said :
December 17, 2008 at 10:59 PM
Um, read the volunteer's report and watch the videos. I don;t see any discrepancy. She admits they were there, but says no intimidation was occurring. That seems to perfectly corroborate with the video.
Misery Index said :
December 18, 2008 at 9:08 PM
I suppose that you believe that carrying around a nightstick, pointing it, and waving it around isn't intimidating? Two men dressed in paramilitary clothing at the same time isn't intimidating? Especially considering the Black Panther lied about him being security? This insinuates that the man was hired by the Elections Board, when in fact he was not.

How is taking pictures of a person standing in public in such a way considered baiting the Black Panthers.

THe bottom line is that neither of them had any legitimate reason to be in front of the polling place, at least dressed in the clothing they were. One was considered an approved watcher by the Elections Board however, does one need to wear paramilitary clothing, and have nightsticks unless it is to intimidate.

And there is no reason for the poll watcher to have the attitude he did, if he was there to protect everyone.

Additionally, one BP claims the news crew was breaking the law, when in fact they were not. That same BP was the one breaking the law since he had no official reason to be there.

Take your blinders off, and look with open eyes instead of Obama rose colored glasses.

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