Possible New Design for USA.gov!

11/03/2008 11:36:00 PM

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As you may or may not [shame on you], the Feds official Web site is USA.gov.  There you can find all kinds of goodies, or you can get completely lost in all the information that is available there, or be totally confused with the links.  Andy Rutledge, who professes that he's a "designer, a writer, a composer, and bonsai artist" and enjoys writing about "design culture, professionalism and technique" has stated the website should be redesigned,

"especially if the Democratic candidate for president should win the 2008 election.  In that case, the transition of our government from a capitalist, representative democracy to a Marxist state will require many changes, which should be reflected on the USA.gov website.

"Do not fear these changes!  Like other similar socialist leaders and thinkers before him - Marx, Lenin, De Leon, Debs, Trotsky, Chavez and others - Obama seeks to destroy only the most successful among us.


All I'm going to say at this point, is that you really need to read this, and see this, to enjoy the full effect of the options, such as "Report Someone Who is Making Too Much Money", or "Apply for Permission to Visit a Doctor."  smile_wink 


Oh, and I added a new tag today, Socialism.  Welcome to the new world.

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