Obama's Change.Gov Lives Up To Name And Purges Entire "Agenda" Section of Web Site.

11/08/2008 07:05:00 PM

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As I was looking for a topic to blog about, and yes I have no life so don't bother telling me that or reminding me of it, I thought about comparing what Obama has said about taxes during his campaign from speeches, to his campaign web site, to his Election Night speech, to his press conference Q&A on Friday, to what he has on his Change.Gov web site.

Now yesterday I was on the Change.Gov web site looking around the agenda, when the big issue about "America Services" and required service for school aged children.  Of course in typical Obama style once the word got out about it, the website changed.  I blogged about that last night.  But while I was there yesterday I took a look around his website, and looked at quite a few pages, which included one about Obama's agenda on taxes.

taxes-na Today I popped over to Change.Gov to take a look at that page to make some notes... and guess what I found? A nice little message saying "The page you requested is not available now."  How interesting.  So I decided to try another method, which was via the top line of the menu saying "Agenda" as of yesterday another menu popped up.  Well.. it didn't today.

So I took a look at the bottom of the page, where as of yesterday there were direct links to "Agenda" issues, and they were not there either.

So being the geek that I am, I took a look through my history from yesterday, since I am a typical geek and never do housekeeping on my computer.  I found the links I had gone to yesterday, just to make sure I wasn't being totally psycho or paranoid or RAACCCIIIIIIIIST as some would say, and there were the links in my history.  The pages have been removed from the Change.Gov website... NIiiiiiiiiicccccccccceeeeeeeeeee

But thanks to Google, for one, most pages, except for one, were cached.  And I have them now. 

Below are some comparisons, and feel free to click for larger images.  And all but one page was available via Google cache. 

The thing I find most insulting about all this, is this is NOT the first time the Obama camp has done this.  It was done and blogged about the campaign website changing its tune regaring the smears.  The Change.Gov website went up yesterday, and was changed once yesterday regarding the "America Serves" agenda.  And now, the entire agenda section has been removed.   As usual, there is nothing EVER said about this from the Obama camp, spokespeople, or the MSM.  And this is not an attempt at a smear campaign.  This is flat out TRUTH about actions.

I keep looking in the mirror to make sure that I, as an American, do not have "stupid" on my forehead thanks to such actions.

Cached-Menu This is the cached lower menu from yesterday, Friday.





New-Menu This is new lower menu from today, Saturday.






And here is the main menu from yesterday, in the cached version.  Go ahead and go to the Change.Gov web site and see if you can get this menu to show up.  You won't.







Here is the original menu.

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