Anarchy In The US. If Obama Loses, "Resistance Is Planned". [No Joke]

11/03/2008 06:36:00 PM

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What are we now, like a third world country or something?

obama_of_borg There has been a "Call To Action" by several far left wing nut organizations claiming "No More Stolen Elections"

"I remember Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004, and I am willing to take action in 2008 if the election is stolen again.  I support efforts to protect the right to vote leading up to and on Election Day, November 4th.  I pledge to join nationwide pro-democracy protests starting November 5th, either in my community, in key states where fraud occurred, or in Washington D.C..  I pledge:  No More Stolen Elections!"

We can debate about how to define the change in which we believe.

But no change is possible if our democracy is broken.

Just mention the names of two states - "Florida" and "Ohio" - and you have summed up one of the most dangerous barriers to change, and democracy, in America.

When the promise of a fair vote and fair count is denied, elections become meaningless exercises.

We must act against:

  • Voter intimidation and vote suppression
  • Ballot tampering and shortages
  • Broken voting machines
  • Hackable voting machines
  • Suspect vote counting methods
  • Unreasonable barriers to ballot access and closed debates
  • Media announcements of "results" before the votes are cast and counted
  • Corrupt and partisan election officials
  • Suppressed and aborted recounts

Hey, that's a great and wonderful thing however, it's too bad that your "idol" Obama doesn't seem to think that he has to play along to ensure the validity of the vote.  Before you scream at me, take this into consideration.  McCain and Palin have started an Election Hotline for reporting any  funny business.  They sent a letter to the Obama Camp telling them of what they were doing.  The Obama camp didn't seem to want anything to do with it, instead of thinking of participating in it, making it a bipartisian hotline. [Previous Post On The Issue, with a link to a PDF of the letter that the Obama camp sent back to the Election Hotline committee.]

But back to this "Call For Action". 

Lets take a look at the coalition of activists who have long histories of turning demonstrations into riots.  The list of signatories accompanying the "Call to Action" include:

  • Tom Hayden - founder of Studies for a Democratic Society (SDS), 1960s riot organizer, collaborator with the Vietcong and North Vietnamese communists during the Vietnam War, and continuing Marxist activist.
  • Marcus Raskin - SDS theoretician and co-founder of hte Institute for POlicy Studies (IPS), the infamous Marxist activist center and think tank closely tied to the Cuban DGI and Soviet KGB.
  • Leslie Cagan - Militant lesbian, Marxist, feminist, professional activist; currently national coordinator for United Pease and Justice, one of the nation's largest anti-war coalitions of far-left organizations; longtime member of the Communist Party USA and early member of the Venceremos Brigades that went to Cuba in the 1960s for communist training; left the CPUSA with other top communist leaders in 1991 to found a splinter group, the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.
  • Jessie Jackson - Founder and president of Rainbow/PUSH.
  • Michael Lerner - SDS leader and a founder of the Seattle Liberation Front (SLF), an ultra-left terrorist organization that committed acts of bombing and sabotage; later became famous as publisher of Tikkum magazine and Bill and Hillary Clinton's guru on "the politics of meaning"; now an ordained rabbi promoting the same Marxist nostrums with a religious veneer.
  • Sharon Lungo - Organizer for the anarchist, violence-prone Ruckus Society.
  • Maude Hurd - National president of ACORN.  [Now that's what you call 'irony']
  • David Swanson - Washington Director of, board member of Progressive Democrats of America, and working-group member of Leslie Cagan's United Peace and Justice.

On October 21, David Swanson posted this incendiary blog, adding kerosene to the "Call to Action". 

A Mccain "Win" Will Be Theft, Resistance Is Planned

If your television declares John McCain the president elect on the evening of November 4th, your television will be lying.  You should immediately pick up your pre-packed bags and head straight to the White House in Washington, D.C., which we will surround and shut down until this attempt at a third illegitimate presidency is reversed....

We will see McCain supporters on November 4th challenging people's right to vote, seeking to force people to vote on provisional ballots, and seeking to have provisional ballots discarded.  And we will see electronic vote counts wildly out of step with the most recent pools, although not with exit polls - which we will be denied any access to unless they have been "adjusted" to match the official counts.

But yet on Swanson's personal blog he called Obama a "socialist darkie who pals around with terrorists and supports infanticide take the reigns of the global empire in the only world he [God] created, and which he spent a full six days on without bathroom breaks, surely it's time the deity began looking for alternative employment." [Okay, I though anyone who went against Obama was a RRRAAAAACCCCCIIIIISSTTTT, but yet someone who's for Obama calls him with terms of "socialist" and "darkie" and isn't racist?  I'm soooo confused.]

Sounds to me like Swanson hasn't heard about how in And what about polling places that seem to forget to synchronize their voting machines, hurting anyone who votes.  Is it NOT YOUR responsibility that when you press a section on the screen to ENSURE that the checkmark goes to the right box?

Also Swanson (isn't that a TV dinner?) seems to forget about how disabled people are being coached to vote for Obama?

"They told me to vote for Obama, I said no I wanted to vote for McCain," Jack Justice told GA TV station WALB-TV.  An investigation is being called for in California over disabled voters.  Or an incident in Iowa where a mother states her disabled adult son was brought to the polls without her knowledge or consent, where an aide 'took the liberty' of filling out his ballot.  She claims that she never took him to register to vote, that the homes staff registered him to vote.  They take him to vote, and a home staff member told him who to vote for (Obama) and was actually the person who helped him to vote.  In Manteca, CA and Sonora, parents of developmentally disabled adults in San Joaquin County say staff member at a care facility overstepped their bounds by registering clients to vote.  Now I believe that anyone has a legal right to vote however, I don't think that those who are legally disabled should be snuck behind their caretakers backs to vote without permission of the caretaker.  And it is NOT the responsibility of anyone but the legal caretakers to help them to vote, take them to the polling place, and help them vote.

Personally, to me, this is a direct threat against the United States, and could be considered "terroristic" activity to state that if Obama loses, then it is a lie.  So if that is the case, they why are we even having an Election if they [the nut jobs] have already decided who is to win, no matter the vote?  And yea, I'm name calling.  If you don't like it, then don't act like a psycho!  What do you think you are going to do, start a revolution and a new civil war between Socialists err... Democrats and Republicans?  So what about those of us who don't follow all three..err....either major party?  Hmmmmmmmmmm?

Needless to say....

  • Chicago, IL will treat the day as a major event with all 13,000 of the department's officers on call and working 12-hour shifts in anticipation for as many as a million people in downtown Grant Park Tuesday.  Off duty firefighters are to take their helmets, breathing tanks and other gear home until after the election, just in case. 
  • Los Angeles, CA will see extra squad cars at polling places, but the deputy chief added that "people are going to riot or conduct themselves inappropriately depending on who gets in."
  • Albany, GA has been working with the U.S. Justice Department to train officers to work at the polls.
  • Detroit, MI will have most of the city's 3,000 officers working.
  • Washington, DC's Mayor has announce that they "have plans to make sure election night crowds, celebrations and demonstrations don't get out of hand."
  • Houston, TX will have police stationed near unnamed polls as potential crowd control and the Mobility Response Team will be available to address traffic control if necessary.
  • NYC, officers will be stationed outside voting precincts.
  • Louisville, KY
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Memphis, TN is increasing 100 patrols;
  • Birmingham, AL doors to the main school buildings are being locked where schools are doubling as polling stations with Birmingham Police on site; 
  • The Lynchburg, VA police is gearing up for Election Day;
  • Atlanta, GA "local law enforcement agencies are planning for possible civil unrest following Tuesday's election."
  • Miami, FL's preparations include extra police officers, and students will have the day off.  And interestingly enough, Florida Power & Light crews will be standing by to fix outages.
  • Sacramento, CA includes removal of political signs from freeway overpasses and pedestrian bridges today.
  • Oakland, CA police plan to deploy extra traffic officers and riot-control units, as well as have SWAT teams on standby.
  • Jacksonville, FL "police will be available Tuesday night as the votes are counted and the results released."
  • Las Vegas, NV will not have officers sent to polling places, but a Captain will be in the county's elections command center in case of any problems.

And on the other side of the coin....

  • Minneapolis, MN, additional officers will not be on the street.
  • Baltimore, MD "police 'leave' is canceled, meaning every available officer will be on duty, just in case."
  • Kansas City, MO police chief has barred KC police from schools on Election Day however, some school districts are asking the chief to change his mind.
  • North Las Vegas and Henderson NV Police departments do not plan on adding any extra officers on Nov. 4


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