In Video Philly Police Arrest Man For Wearing McCain T-Shirt [Police State]

11/07/2008 07:06:00 PM

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gagged_med A few days ago I blogged about feeling safe while wearing a Presidential-Candidate's t-shirt or pin other than Obama, and asking do you feel safe?  Well here ya go....

In Philadelphia a video blogger went to the streets to capture the madness cheers for Obama.  In the video cars are honking all over, people are walking in the street and cheers can be heard everywhere.  Meanwhile down at City Hall, people are just plain going crazy with excitement over the announcement that Obama has won the election, and streets are crowded with people. 

But what the man didn't plan on was this;  finding one man who was wearing a McCain t-shirt with police surrounding him.  One officer states to the man "Come back here with me please", leading him away from the crowd.  There doesn't seem to be a riot against the man, he doesn't seem to be in a fight with anyone, he's just simply there.

What the police officer says next to the man is inaudible however, the man says he's not there to cause trouble.  The police officer says to the man "I'm not going to tell you again."  The man replies pointing to his McCain t-shirt that its called "freedom of speech." 

A separate officer attempts to grab the man's arm and he turns to face the other officer and the man finds himself surrounded by now three officers who are forcibly removing him from the street.  What is interesting to note at this moment is that "Boos" and thumbs down are heard and seen from the Obama crowd at this action.

Once the man is on the sidewalk, he is told by the police to just "walk away".  Another officer is heard saying "You know what, don't tell him no more, don't tell him no more, just lock him up."  The man initially stands there and walks over to the man with the camera starting to talk to him, he is grabbed forcefully by the police, [hearing now the crowd behind the scene chanting "Obama.. Obama.. Obama..." while watching the police arrest the man and obviously realizing that the man was wearing a McCain shirt and not an Obama supporter], the man is handcuffed and led away to a police vehicle.

When the man is placed in the police vehicle, cheers can be heard in the background.

One thing to note, the man does have a styrofoam sword in his shirt.  If this were the issue, then when the sword is taken by an Obama fan, then the police would have gone after that person, the the McCain shirt man.

Welcome to Socialism people and the end of your Constitutional Rights aka Martial Law.

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