Wash Times Reports Change.Gov "Changed" Today as 'EXCLUSIVE'. I Reported This On Saturday. [No One Listened.]

11/10/2008 03:03:00 PM

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Washington_Times_11-11 Sometimes you wonder why people get credit when you already reported about it.

On Saturday I noticed that the entire "Agenda" part of Obama's Change.Gov web site had disappeared.  I happen to have copies of all 25 agenda items saved in jpg format.  I reported this information to three web sites; American Thinker Blog, Gateway Pundit, and the World Net Daily on Saturday.  Did they blog about it?  Nope.  Did I mention to those blogs that I had copies of the now missing Agenda pages?  Yep.  Did I hear back from them?  Nope.   Did I blog about it?  Yep, on "Obama's Change.Gov Lives Up To Name and Purges Entire "Agenda" Section of Web site" on November 08, 2008.

Now suddenly the Washington Times posts about it under "EXCLUSIVE:  Agenda disappeared from Obama Web site" with a date of Tuesday, November 11, 2008 (checking my calendar with it saying today is the Monday the 10th), and everyone is talking about it.  How interesting, and yes I have all 25 "Agenda" issues saved in jpg format, in their entirety, and have been backed up on multiple sources.  And no, I'm not interested in selling or sharing.  And if I get any grief over it, first remember any information on a .gov domain is public domain, and second, I'll just shut down this blog and start it elsewhere.  No biggie for me.

And if no one thinks I have them?  Here's a sample:


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