Time To Take Blogging The News In A Different Direction

11/11/2008 03:32:00 AM

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0808_4wdweb_06_s road_warning_sign crazy_directions When I first started looking into a bin Laden issue based on an article I read last night, I noticed something last night, but hesitated to post about bin Laden, as well.. sometimes you have to consider the source of information.   But I noticed a trend last night, but still decided to not blog on the issue. 

Today however, the trend continued, and I found myself fighting with the thoughts of posting what I have found, and what I believe, versus posting what could be considered one of those crazy conspiracy theories.  So what does one do?  I mean, one could take quotes out of context and turn it into something its not, but at the same time one could take quotes out of context and show that it really is true.  I suppose to comes down to what one believes, what one knows, one's history, what one is trying to say and what one hopes is or isn't true.

And reading my blog, it is obvious that I do not care for Obama's style and I do not care for many of the things that transpired during the election, legal and illegal.  Many may, can and will say that I am just writing "bogus stuff" (gee does that give my old age away?) to make Obama look bad.  Well that's fine if you want to think that.  You are a human, and you are entitled to think whatever and however you want.  That is your freedom and I respect other people opinion's however, if you are just spouting words with no research or information to back up your claim, I'll eat you alive.  Many people have described me when in debate that they can show no weakness, because they know they will lose against me.  Why?  Because I educate myself on topics, just as you should, to be able to think for yourself, without listening to other people and just taking what they have to say as truth or gospel.  You have a mind, use it for what it is. 

When making posts, I do try to stick to straight research, giving sources so that nothing can be interpreted as not being factual as on some issues I learn right along with writing the article, and I don't like to be uninformed on certain issues.  But I put it out there so that people can have the information in front of them, if they want, if they want to learn, if they are undecided or confused, and want to make an educated and informed decision on a matter, and yes I know it comes from my feelings and my point of view on the matter what I decided to put in a post.  I do at time throw in my opinions, but only when I strongly feel them on certain matters.

From my blog it is brutally obvious that I am right-wing, well past center however I do not consider myself Republican.  As I tell people, I like to think independent without following a party simply because they are red or blue, as I am red, white and blue so I'm a equal-opportunity fraud hater.  I hate it when people act stupid, or try to treat someone stupid, I hate liars or those who tell half truths to intentionally deceive, I hate those who pick on the defenseless and I hate it when people try to be something they are not.  But most of all, I hate conspiracy theories and those who profess that that the NWO, or the Illuminati, or whatever ultra-secret underground society of the week is trying to control our whole world by communicating with aliens or maybe even Elvis, using alien technology, so that we watch more sitcom TV, thus we watch more commercials, and the subliminal ads force us to purchase certain goods made by companies that are owned by the NWO turning them into the ultra rich and us mindless consumers.  (How's that for a conspiracy plot on the fly?)  Okay, back to reality....

TO make a long story short... I've noticed a trend, about the United States, or rather what other countries are saying about the United States, or more importantly, trying to warn us about.  In the past I'd say starting about four days ago, and with increasing frequency, world political leaders have been making some pretty serious predictions of doom about the United States.  One country making a strange claim is one thing, but all of them basically saying the same thing within a few days of each other, and along the same lines of warning of something happening to us, gave me reason to start reading a few more news articles on a few more different issues. 

Have you ever read something, and felt a nagging in the back of your mind that something just doesn't seem to add up, or make sense?  Then as you dig further into trying to figure out what it is and answer questions of what you have, it begins to become clearer, the big picture?  Well, I'm not sure myself of what I am learning about what may or may not happen to us, the United States, in a few months, but I know this.  For the first time in my life, I am afraid of being persecuted for who I am, for what I am, for my beliefs, and everything I have known in my life for the past 40 plus years is going to change.

And its not about race, its not about us versus them, its not about Democrats versus Republicans, its not about abandoning a Democratic society and changing over to a Socialist society, its not about the anti-Christ or Revelations.. it's nothing like that.  What it is, is that something terrible is about to happen in this country, something that will change the face of the nation of who we are and what we are.  That this land of ours, the land that my ancestors fought for in the Revolutionary War, the freedoms they fought for, the freedoms that we all enjoy today, will be gone forever. 

Unfortunately to adequately tell the story of what I think will happen to us in the next six months, will take much more space than one or two posts.  Now, hey, if you are still reading along with me at this point, YAY! and also thanks.  But I'm sure your growing rather tired at this point... so here's what I will be posting about, in addition to the normal misery, in the upcoming days. 

What I wish to get out of all this, is some feedback from anyone who reads the different parts, and tell me what you think it all means?  Because what I think is well... just crazy.   And I seriously hope that I'm WRONG. But I'm probably just a crazy old woman  (Ya never saw that one coming did ya!) who is just seeing too many red flags.

And go ahead and tell me I'm crazy, based upon the topics below, please do tell me I'm crazy however, please wait until after I'm done with ALL the topics.  Okie dokie?  See ya in the sanitarium!

What is Martial Law, the Insurrection Act , and the Possee Comitatus Act and how do they related to each other versus the Constitution.
Statements of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Colin Powell
Obama's Civilian Army
270 Day "Crisis"
Recent "rumors" among the al Qaeda about the US
Recent "threats" from al Qaeda (within the past 3 months) about the US
Consequence Management Response Force, or CCMRF
Vigilant Shield 08
Statements from world wide leaders in the past few days
Statements from Rumsfeld, Pentagon, and anything and anyone else that seems to pop up over the next few days.

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