Radio Host Who Said He Wanted Joe The Plumber Dead On Air, FIRED.

11/12/2008 02:55:00 PM

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karel 12345 Karel was fired yesterday afternoon, a week after he stated on-air he wanted "Joe the Plumber MFking dead."  However, Karel is trying to portray himself as a victim.

In his defense, Karel says that he was told by the engineer, who left the studio to use the bathroom, that his microphone was off.  The engineer was also told, he says, to make sure it is off during breaks because Karel talks to his chat room during the breaks, saying things not appropriate for air.

"Weekends are cheap and they were using a cheap engineer for my show," he said.  "My show shouldn't have had an inexperienced engineer for my show, which is done remotely, and in which the host doesn't have an on/off switch on his mic.  They put an inexperienced driver in the seat and the show crashed."

Obviously Karel is an inexperienced and unprofessional radio show host, as the number one rule of broadcasting is to assume the mic/camera is always "hot" or "on" while in the studio.  And obviously if you think the engineer was inexperienced, and there are more experienced engineers at the studio and you didn't have one, that should tell you a lot about your show and it's importance to the station.

And BTW, this is the same guy who wrote an editorial on the Huffington Post titled "I'm Afraid..." regarding death threats stating "Yes, I'm afraid that John McCain and Sarah Palin through their hateful, spiteful and untrue rhetoric are, no matter how inadvertent, trying to get Barack Obama out of the race, literally, as in, taken out.  [...]  What you are doing is criminal and wrong and very, very dangerous."

Here's audio of the show:


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