Obama's Aunt Flees Boston In Fear [Alien Absconder]

11/10/2008 02:36:00 AM

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ppzeituni So it wasn't long ago that Obama's Auntie was found living in Boston and it was learned that she was in the United States illegally.  She had initially come to American on a temporary visa in 2003, joining a son who had been accepted at a college in Boston.  She filed for political asylum in2004, was denied, and ordered deported four years ago.  She never left.  Instead, she became an alien absconder, living in federal and state-funded housing in Boston for the last four years. 

Onyango's former lawyer, Godson Anosike, of Cambridge, told the AP on Friday that he and Onyango shared their excitement when Obama was elected U.S. senator, but she never told him the two were family.  Anosike said when he gave Onyango the news in 2004 that the judge had rejected her request for asylum, she was disappointed.

"I guess she was trying to figure out what next to do, and she told me that if worse came to worse, she was going to leave ... she was thinking of returning to Kenya, that was my understanding," he said.  Onyango obviously did not leave and turned into an alien absconder.

For four years, Onyango lived as an illegal immigrant and an alien absconder in federal housing. Illegal immigrants are ineligible for federal housing benefits, and Onyango had been living in federally subsidized housing until she transferred to state-funded housing this year for medical reasons. 

State-funded housing for illegal immigrants is legal according to a 1977 federal consent decree in Massachusetts prohibiting them from denying illegal immigrants state-funded public housing.  As of this weekend, Onyango was still a tenant in the West Broadway housing project, according to Bill McGonagle, deputy director of the Boston Housing Authority.  But you won't find Onyango in Boston.  She has fled, obviously from fear of deportation... again to Ohio.

Onyango has fled to Cleveland Ohio, via train, where she says she is staying with Kenyan relatives, the family of a cousin in Cleveland, and has declined requests for interviews, and she is fighting the deportation order. 

According to one report, Onyango walked into the offices of a local immigration attorney and asked for help.  According to another report, Onyango's cousin -- a clergyman in Cleveland asked to represent Onyango.

Margaret Wong, the immigration lawyer who is handling her case and told the AP that she is considering legal tactics that may enable Onyango to remain in the US.  Wong also told the AP that Onyango was upset that news of her immigration status had been leaked to the news media because she believed it was intended to hurt Obama's candidacy.  Wong has also said that she might file a motion to reopen Onyango's immigration case or plead to allow her to remain for humanitarian reasons.

Also according to Wong, Onyango has been "sickly" since her immigration status became public.

"She is so scared and she actually feels threatened," Wong said.  "People were calling her, knocking on her door day and night [in Boston],"

Her wish is for this matter to remain private," Wong said in a statement.  "She is in Cleveland with close family members resting and is under good care."

"She's upset that people could just hurt her like that ... use her to try to hurt Barack," Wong said.  "She had never asked Barack for help.  She just doesn't want to hurt him," she said.

"She will do whatever she can do to fight for the privilege to stay in America," Wong said. 

What is interesting to note is that when her location was learned before the election, she had said she would be more than happy to give an interview after the election about Barack Obama.  Now, she has "no comment". 


And Barack Obama has claimed that he did not know that his aunt was living in America illegally and that all appropriate laws should be followed.  And in a Sunday interview with CBS News' Katie Couric, Obama said he supports the deportation of his aunt if she has been violating the law.

"Obviously that doesn't lessen my concern for her, I haven't been able to be in touch with her.  But I'm a strong believer you have to obey the law," he said.


ICE has said it is investigating whether any laws or rules were broken in the disclosure that Obama's aunt was living in the United States illegally. 

Victor Cerda, the former director of Detention and Removal Operations at Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Onyango and her lawyers could argue her risk of harm in Kenya is even greater than before, because of the international attention brought to her case.


So here's a woman, who was suppose to have been deported over four years ago, and she decided she didn't have to listen to a judge, that she didn't have to obey the law and decided that she was going to stay here.  Meanwhile, she has lived not only on federal taxpayers money, but also MA state taxpayers money in public housing, while never EVER putting a dime into the system.  How does a person get into federal aid housing, with no documents?  At least no legal ones?

Since Onyango did not leave four years ago after a judge ordering her to be deported, made her an alien absconder, which is a fugitive remaining in the US after an immigration judge has ordered them deported.  And additionally, she has absconded again by leaving Boston and going to Cleveland.

How many laws must this woman break before she is deported?  Tell me, if this woman was an illegal from Mexico, would that person get an asylum?  No, but Onyango will probably get a "get out of deportation card, free" just because she is related to Obama.

Onyango should NOT get another day in court.  She already had her day in court four years ago.  The woman should be deported back to Kenya since she is an alien absconder from a previous ruling to be deported.  If she wishes to become a legal US citizen, then she needs to go through the system like so many other immigrants must go through.



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