Hopes, Fears and Obama. The Web Site.

11/15/2008 04:03:00 AM

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There is a new website dedicated to chronicling the hopes and fears surrounding Barack Obama called “Barack Obama Presidency:  Hopes and Fears”.  Users can view and submit ideas on hopes and fears and vote on which they share.  It’s all totally anonymous (other than maybe recording your IP address… big deal).

Its a really interesting look at both sides and lets you know that you are not alone with what you hope and/or fear.

Some of the fears include:

  • He will become a dictator.
  • He will weaken US defenses.
  • He will send this country into civil war.
  • He will find himself in over his head.
  • He will turn this country socialist.
  • He will change his mind more often than his underwear.
  • He will increase taxes so much that the US economy will suffer.
  • He will make community service “voluntary-compulsory.”
  • He will show US weakness to the terrorists around the world.

Some of the hopes include:.

  • We’ll pull our troops from Iraq.
  • He will restore America’s standing in the world.
  • Improve image of the U.S. around the world.
  • He will rescue a puppy from a pound.
  • We will finally hear the word ‘nuclear’ pronounce[d] correctly by the US president.
  • He will speak in complete sentences.
  • He will work toward granting gay people equal rights throughout the country, and help overturn same-sex marriage bans that already exist in several states.
  • He will quickly learn not to negotiate with terrorists.

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