U.S. National Debt Grows Too Large For National Debt Clock

10/08/2008 03:59:00 PM

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One of the best-known landmarks of Times Square was installed in 1989:  the National Debt Clock.  The billboard-sized display showed passers- by the fast-growing national debt total, as well as "your family share."

The National Debt Clock was created by eccentric real estate mogul Seymour Durst.  Seymour installed the Debt Clock to point out that, in his words,

"We have mortgaged our future and the future of our country because we refuse to face our fiscal responsibility."

The debt clock was deactivated in 2000 when public debt began to decrease due to budget surpluses and the clock started running backward.  However, following large increases in the debt (total and public) a few years later, the clock was reactivated in July 2002., though it had to be moved to make way for One Bryant Park.  

More about the Debt Clock in the video below.

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