Bush Is An Idiot.

10/10/2008 08:19:00 AM

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005 It does not matter if I like Bush or I hate him, he's an idiot today.

To say to the United States, "that anxiety can feed anxiety and that can make it hard to see all that's being done to solve the problem," is just stupidity.

Gee I am just so sorry that the average American, who has lost basically most of their life investments in 401(k)s and stocks, those investments that have taken years to build up, and I mean more than 10 years, some people 20 years are a major shock to us.  I'm sorry that you don't understand that those funds were many, many, many people's life savings.  And I'm sorry that you, our President, has lost contact with reality about what it's really like on "Main Street" America.  You have all you little oil investments to fall back on.

If Wall Street is freaking, good for them.  Wall Street is failing because banks got greedy, using our money to become rich, and now that we are taking it out of the market, they don't have our money to play with.  Get use to it.  Play with your own money.

And according to an AP report, Bush's top advisors are pledging to continue working to correct the mistakes that have led to this situation.  Gee, I guess I should have a warm fuzzy feeling about this according to Bush.  Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says the group has been working to reduce the likelihood that past mistakes will be repeated. 

Now that's all fine and good, but what about doing something to help the taxpayers, instead of spending our money on banks?  This is insanity.

Bush pushed that the bailout bill needed to go through.  Well, since it's been passed as law, the stock market has dropped everyday since.  The he changed his tune and said it would take some time.... is anyone going to have a home, a job or a bank account if and when it kicks in?  Obviously the stock market doesn't have any confidence in the bailout bill.

And to come on TV and restate what has transpired over the past week, which is headlining news everyday, is a waste of my time.  Actually, he's done it 26 times before, either through written, radio or on-camera statements since Lehman Brothers failed....  Sorry Bush, your credibility is in the pot.  Especially when the world is blaming America for the world economic crisis.  Argentina wants to put Bush on trial for example.



And the rest of the world also seems to have a bad attitude, so we are not alone.


Its brutally obvious where Bush's priorities lie, with Wall Street, the bankers, getting out of office, and not with "Main Street" America.  Is it freakin' March 2009 yet?

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