"ZERO" Dollars

10/09/2008 12:59:00 AM

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zero_dollar On CNN today Laura Gilberts "Mad as Ever" segment showed a woman who had designed a "Zero Dollar" and was passing out free signed and numbered originals of the print.  Basically it was a publicity stunt for the artist, Laura Gilbert, as she has an upcoming exhibition at The Grady Alexis Gallery in Manhattan, opening October 24th.

She calls "the current economic calamity" the reason for her creative protest which she started working on after the fall of Bear Starns.  She sees the dollar bill as "symbolic of America's stature in the world." As a reflection of the crisis in the financial markets, she has tried to lower the monetary value of the print itself to zero by creating a very large edition of 10,000 of the prints.

So I decided to take a look around "the internets" and "the Google" to see if I could find anymore zero dollars.  I came up with quite a few.

Cildo Meireles, a Brasilian artist, has his own version of a "zero dollar", which he did in 1978.

MeirelesFront MeirelesBack


The source of the next "zero dollar" is Brian Romero from Hollywood, CA.  He posted this bill clear back in June, 2008.



This "zero dollar" was found on Flickr.



A Hillary Clinton "zero dollar" was found on eBay.



And an Obama "zero dollar" was also found on eBay.


Oh, and how could I forget Jeanne Moos's segment?



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