NYC Mayor Supports Israel [Common Sense]

1/04/2009 09:03:00 PM

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There is no proportional response to terrorism” - New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s response to question from CNN’s Betty Nguyen if Israel’s bombing is extreme.

Bloomberg says that a country’s government has a responsibility to protect it’s people, and that Hamas broke the cease-fire several months ago.  Prior to the cease-fire, Hamas was only sending one or two rockets a day.  When the cease fire ended, Hamas decided to send hundreds of rockets and mortars across the border on a daily basis, a large increase in attacks thus intentionally trying to kill more innocent Israeli civilians.  Thus, Hamas was the one who started the conflict back up again, on an increased basis and larger scale, and thus Hamas’ refusal to end the rockets is what is killing the people of Gaza.  Hamas, who claims to be a government, is not protecting its people’s best interests but putting their own people in the middle of the attack.

Hamas has been sending rockets across the border since 2005 killing innocent civilians in Israel, and Israel finally retaliated and they are made out to be the “bad people” since they are killing innocent civilians while trying to take out terrorists.

Take a look at the video from CNN below.


And I leave you with this to ponder.  If all the people in Gaza are just innocent civilians, they why on December 14th, did hundreds of tens of thousands of people show up in Gaza to support Hamas’ 21st anniversary of existence?  Maybe, just maybe, because they support terrorists.

Have a look at BBC’s video of the celebration

The mass rally – with its sea of green flags – is being seen as a show of strength by Hamas…” 

“The Associated Press said the crowds filled an area in Gaza City which can accommodate 150,000 people.”

In a statement on its website, one of Hamas’ senior officials, Mahmoud Zahar, paid tribute to the organization on its anniversary.  ‘Hamas has gone from stone-throwing to guns and rockets, from a support of a few thousand people to a backing of millions in Arab countries and around the world’, he said.

Fox News said,

about 300,000 Hamas supporters crowded into a dusty outdoor arena and spilled over into nearby streets.  Many waved flags and sported baseball caps in the Islamic group’s signature green color.”

The huge turnout at the Gaza rally was a pointed display of strength directed at both Israel and Fatah, and further evidence of the Muslim militant group’s unchallenged control over 1.4 million Gazans.”

So tell me, doe the pictures below, taken on Dec. 14th, 2008s look like a forced celebration of a few innocent non-Hamas supporting citizens of Hamas?  Because to me, it looks more like an entire region of terrorist supporting civilians who are celebrating the existence of Hamas.  And I would assume that 1.5 million people, if they did oppose Hamas, could easily overrun the amount of Hamas terrorists that do exist in Gaza if they really wanted to.

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