Fox News PWNS Former Terrorist PLO Legal Advisor Buttu.

1/05/2009 12:14:00 AM

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HamasPalestinian Legal Advisor, Diana Buttu, says “Absolutely not” and “you are blaming the victim”  to Hamas being the aggressors here.  She also claims that is not a question of Israel responding, it is a question of Israel initiating attacks on Gaza, and that their actions are a violation of International Law. [Listen for Jarrett laugh after she says that statement.]

Says “Absolutely not” to Hamas using humans as shields and firing rockets from high civilian population areas and if Hamas is responsible for the high death rate of civilians.  Her defense is that Jarrett has never been to the Gaza Strip and he does not know what it looks like that Israel is targeting Government buildings and schools.  Note, she never directly answers the question of Hamas firing rockets from civilian areas, in numbers around 6,000 over 18 months, or comments about using Mosques as armories. 

She also says that the Hamas rockets do not have explosive heads.  Well the last time I checked a .45 bullet doesn’t have one either, but that doesn’t stop it from killing someone either.

She also says it is wrong to blame victims because Israel is using US backed weapons to attack Gaza.  That these are war crimes are Israel should be prosecuted.  So obviously this woman justifies any rocket that Hamas fired into civilian areas prior to Israel attacking Gaza wasn’t a war crime?

Jarret informs Buttu that he has been to the Gaza Strip, that he has met with terrorists, and that this was the end of the interview.  Buttu continues to tell Jarret that he’s wrong and the feed ends.



Here Buttu talks with CNN.  Here again she talks about how over 1600 people were killed from Israeli attacks prior to Israel attacking Gaza, but never talks about the over 6000 rockets that were sent from Gaza to Israel in the same time.  And she says the only way for peace, is for Israel to end the occupation [of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem].

She really does defend Hamas in this video saying they are a political organization with domestic roots that is portrayed differently outside the world.  And that this is a “homegrown organization”.

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