If All The Citizens in Gaza are Innocent, Why Do So Many Show Up For Hamas Rayyan’s Funeral?

1/04/2009 11:18:00 PM

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Seriously, it’s an honest question, not filled with sarcasm.  Really, I don’t understand. 



In this first picture from the AP, the caption reads:  “Palestinians carry the bodies of senior Hamas leader Nizar Rayyan and his family during their funeral in Jabalya in the northern Gaza Strip.  Rayyan, his four wives and eight children were killed in an Israeli air strike on their home on Thursday.” 





And if all the citizens of Gaza are innocent and victims of Hamas, then who are all of these people attending the funeral?






I mean  really, if all these people are innocent civilians and not Hamas supporters, then why are they at Rayyan’s funeral?





I’m just really confused at what I hear pro-Palestinian protestors saying, and what I see in pictures.

So, if you support a terrorist organization, but are not directly involved with the terrorist organization, then you are innocent?





So can anyone explain this contradiction to me without blowing a microchip in the process?






Here’s another example from about a month ago at a funeral for four Hamas gunmen.






Especially since this picture is from the Hamas Anniversary celebration from Dec. 14, 2008?  If the citizens of Gaza are innocent, they why are they celebrating Hamas’ anniversary?




Or did all these people really just have nothing better do do that day than to go to a celebration support a terrorist organization?

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