Happy New Year! Ready For Another Prediction? This Time Try 30-40% Unemployment Rates.

1/01/2009 12:35:00 AM

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2009-print-preview-blogSay goodbye to 2008.  Never to be here again and hello to 2009.  New Years Day, a new year, a new day, and a time for new hope.  And with that, why wait to begin the misery of what might be in store for next year.  What say you?

I happened across a strange prediction for our wonderful new year of hope.  It’s probably not what you want to hear, but hey, since when do I ever tell you what you want to hear, but instead write about what you should think about.

Now, I’ve never heard of this organization before.  I don’t know anything about them.  But.. well.. what they have to say is rather scary to even think about.

How about the notion of topping Great Depression numbers of 20-22% across the nation?  What if I said someone is predicting 30-40% unemployment by September 2009?  How’s that for scary?

This commentary comes from a “We Beat the Street” commentary, an Investment Strategy company, via KITCO.   The author is Roger Wiegand, who I’ve also never heard of before and don’t know too much about, other than his biography on We Beat the Street and a bio on IIC.  But , lets take a gander into his crystal ball, shall we? [Hat Tip to Nightblogger]

Our new president is determined to hand out $860 Billion to One Trillion dollars in a Herculean effort to literally buy a new economic recovery.  While some of his ideas are noble indeed the overall plan will have little effect and Great Depression II shall take hold in 2009 with crashing stock markets in May and September-October 2009.  We think the worst of the worst hits in late September 2009.

Hey, what do you know, the one year anniversary of when millions lost nearly all of their 401(k)s when the market dropped out.  What a time to choose!  But I’m getting ahead of myself… lets hear about spring.  A time of green, fresh air, and everything coming back to life.  But the death of the stock market according to Wiegand.

During the spring of next year we see:

(1)  A second larger wave of residential housing mortgage failures; [Now, to be honest, I heard about this about two months ago.  Its a different kind of mortgage than the ARMs but it’s more “deadly” to the market  and banks.  Good thing we don’t have to pay a mortgage!]

(2)  The first big wave of auto loan failures and repossessions; [I heard about this one too about two months ago.  But if people can’t pay their mortgages, the next big ticket item is their car.  Good thing we don’t have to pay a car loan or lease!]

(3)  Over $40 billion in credit card defaults, smashing the bank lenders; [This is already happening, and again, another “big ticket” item are peoples credit cards.  Good thing we’ve never EVER used them.  If you can’t pay for it in cash, you don’t need it.]

(4)  The first wave of commercial mortgage failures and foreclosures on shopping malls, office buildings and other commercials; [This too is inevitable.  It is estimated that over 16,000 businesses will fail in the next year, leaving a lot of empty space in malls, strip malls, and business complexes.  Already, Circuit City has left quite a few leases up in the air, due to them filing bankruptcy.  Whose next?]

(5)  And finally, the grand smashing finale of CDS Credit Default Swaps originated with No margin money or down payments!  We heard today the total is 500 trillion!  I cannot even fathom that number.  These five converging train wrecks could take the Dow from a dead cat bounce of 10400-10800 back to 7250, or even 6600, or 5600.  [My other half and I have said, the Dow will crash out around 5000 in 2009.  So much for our stocks.]

But if you think the Dow at 5000-6000 is bad, you haven’t heard it all yet.  The above is just in the spring of 2009.  There’s how many months in the year, and how many seasons?

Then, in late September and early October, the New York, London, Tokyo and Asian markets take a monster crash.  how low is low and how bad can it get?  We think the Dow could end-up on November 1st, 2009 anywhere from 5,600 to a low of 3,000 or even 1,500. 

Ouch…. and how interesting that it’s just about the same time that the stock market crashed in 1929.  But the best.. err.. worst is yet to come.  And the capitalization isn’t my emphasis, it’s Wiegand’s.

Unemployment nationally in the USA is now touching 16%.  The officially posted number is somewhere near half of that.  By the fall of 2009, American REAL UNEMPLOYMENT WILL BE NEAR THE ALL TIME 1930’S DEPRESSION HIGH OF 25% UNEMPLOYED.  SADLY, THAT IS NOT THE WORST AS IT GETS MORE DIRE.  WE PREDICT, USA UNEMPLOYMENT REACHES 30-40%.  IN THE RUST BELT STATES OF MICHIGAN AND OHIO, WHILE 40% IS NOT UNREALISTIC.

Great… wonderful.  Buy your tents, Coleman stoves and sleeping bags now.  And maybe a nice little 9mm and shotgun.  Aww heck, splurge for a Desert Eagle.  Size is intimidating!  Make sure to not forget the ammo!  And begin to stockpile food, you might need it.  This might be the “new” money and a good bartering tool, as long as people don’t kill ya for it.  And LOTS of stocking up on toilet paper and um.. ah… guys look away on this one… feminine items.  And don’t forget things like cold medicine, aspirin, and topical antibiotics!But more realistically, stockpiling at least two months of food is a good way to make sure you have a food supply and “other” items if you lose your job or have to choose between food and a house payment.

The American federal government departments for food stamps and the job of providing welfare provisions will be overwhelmed.  This will be a Katrina event for the hungry citizens of the United States.  Urban areas will see skyrocketing crime and in parts of some cities, life could become totally uninhabitable.

The last report we’ve seen on those receiving food handouts and related welfare amounted to 11 million USA citizens with 700,000 children going hungry each day.  We suspect the true amount of those needing food help will rise to 35 million with an untold tragic number of them being little, defenseless children.  Governments remain in denial and are not prepared for this national emergency whatsoever.  As things worsen, food riots and others with violence aimed at the “have” are common.

Did I happen to say that I am also professionally trained in sword fighting?  And raised by a Father who taught me to shoot a .38 & .45 around the age of 8 and a shotgun at the age of around 10?  Who would have ever thunk it that I would need those skills in my personal life!  And a chick to boot!

And as for that stockpiled food, didn’t I just say it was going to be the new “money”?  Dollars will be worthless. 

The number of bank failures over the next three years will be in the thousands.   In addition, the US Dollar’s valuation could break recent lows near 70.00 on the index, dropping to 46.00 by 2011 or 2012.  Inflation or potentially hyperinflation is quite real as the Federal Reserve and US Treasury strain to print and circulate cash to prod our stalled economy.  It is simply not working even with the dramatically lower interest rates of late.

But to continue, Wiegand says just like in the Great Depression, families are “renting” out rooms, or “bunking” up to pool their money.

Consumers are broke and going broker.  Households of interrelated families are doubling and tripling up even with several employed members being under one roof.  Basic costs of rent, mortgage payments, health care, food, utilities and taxes are too much to bear on stagnant and in some cases falling wages.  In some areas of America, there are entire subdivisions of homes totally abandoned or existing with only a hand full of occupants.  The millions thrown at lenders for new mortgages are not getting through to buyers, as there are fewer of them.  We are witnessing a system breakdown.

Isn’t this already happening?  I recently blogged about Detroit and how many of the homes are already empty, and have been gutted for their copper and such.  And additionally, many who are behind on their mortgages, and said bank gets a bailout, refinances the mortgage, only to increase the payment by $300 to $500 a month, and also demands several thousand dollars just to stop the foreclosure within 30 days!

And states and cities will be broke also, so forget about getting any help from them, which is already happening.  Say bye bye to welfare and to schools.

Municipalities and states are sinking into a spending, debt-ridden morass.  It was reported today that 22 of 50 USA states are in serious budgetary trouble.  California is one of those in terrible condition and Michigan is already technically broke as many of her cities. [Don’t forget Ohio as the governor called Rahm and said he needed $5 billion!]  Detroit will file bankruptcy in 2009 and there will [be] many other surprises as well.  There will be a cascade of bond defaults and the outcome will cap the ability of these cities, states and countries to borrow ever more.

Hey, at least we are all in this together….. *smirk*  True worldwide Socialism!  YIPPIE!

The shining light through all of this is the faster we find the bottom the faster we can recover.  Sadly, the recovery process will take years.  Futures and commodities traders should continue to earn steady profits as the stock markets slide into oblivion for years.  We see no recovery until 2015.

Let see… Obama Jan 2009 – Jan 2013.  I wonder if he will run for re-election?

I find it interesting that there is no mention of the Big 3, or of a company such as Wal-Mart still being in business.  If Wal-Mart collapses, we are in trouble.

But wait.. according to the Russian nutjob, by 2010 we will be in a civil war and the United States will be split between Canada, China/Japan, Mexico and the EU with Alaska going back to Russia and Hawaii going to China/Japan so all of this won’t happen!

Of course there’s always Gerald Celente’s prediction of a total collapse of the economy and a revolution by 2012.

So well.. there’s my first post of the new year…… oh and… um… might be a little late… but have a happy and prosperous  New Year, while you still can? *shrug* *nervous smile*

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