50 Year Old Gulf War Veteran, Out Of Military 15 Years, Gets Involuntary Recall For Iraq Service.

1/02/2009 10:07:00 PM

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Paul Bandel, 50, has been out of the military for 15 years, just got his AARP card, and has also just gotten involuntarily recalled for Iraq deployment until 2010.

The last missile system the veteran was trained to operate is no longer used by the military.

Back in 1993, Bandel took the option of leaving the Army without retirement.  This could be why he is being called back to duty, since he possibly didn’t do his eight-year military service obligation (MSO) if he was enlisted.  Another option is that if he was an officer, well, unless he retired formally, by sending a resignation to Human Resources Command, then they can call him back however, even if that is done, I know some pilots that have been “un resigned” and brought back, especially since their reserve commitment is different from the enlisted.

Calls to the Army and the Pentagon about how many men and women in their 50s are being called back to duty were not returned Wednesday to the news station.

Bandel’s wife plans to move in with her elderly parents until his return, due to Bandel’s income being cut in half by returning to military service.


The Army is currently on track to grow to 547,000 active-duty soldiers next year, up from 482,000 before the war.  Undersecretary of the Army Nelson Ford says the service needs 580,000 soldiers “to meet current demands and get the dwell time,” referring to the amount of time soldiers have at home between deployments to train, rebuild and spend with families.


Nixon abolished the draft in 1973 however, some seem to want it back.

Rep. John Murtha (D) said in December that he opposes the all-volunteer army and that a military draft, based on a lottery with no deferments and no exceptions, is necessary during wartime.  Rep. Charles Rangel (D) has also called for reinstating the draft as a way to end the Iraq war.

Army Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute, who Bush picked as a deputy national security advisor with responsibility for ensuring efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan are coordinated with policy makers in Washington. has said on the matter, “And I can tell you, this has always been an option on the table.  But ultimately, this is a policy matter between meeting the demands for the nation’s security by one means or another.”

So much for the promises of the US getting out of Iraq and bringing the troops back home.

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