Woman Finds $10K In Box of Crackers [Whole Foods Returns Open Boxes of Food to Shelves For Sale.]

12/27/2008 02:41:00 AM

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IMG_3943 Discover new foods, tastes, and ideas along with opened boxes of food with $10,000 inside at Whole Foods in Tustin, CA!

A woman bought a box of crackers from a grocery store in Irvine, California.  Upon “opening” the box of crackers, what was found was cracker jack and an envelope with $10,000 in it.  [I wonder if there was a green “value” sign for the product?]

As the story goes, the woman called the police to report the money.  Later store managers at Whole Foods in Tustin called to reported an elderly woman had come in a few days earlier, hysterical because she had mistakenly returned a box of crackers with her life savings inside.  In a “mix-up the store restocked the box rather than composting it.”

The woman returned the box to the store, and never heard from the elderly woman, not even an offering of a reward.  This however, is not the point of my post.

So, the moral of the story is that a box of what was suppose to be crackers, was opened, emptied, and refilled with cracker jack and an envelope, mistakenly returned to the store, and placed back on the shelf, to which, someone else purchased said box, thinking it was an unopened box of crackers.

How can a grocery store “mix up” an unopened box of crackers with an opened box of crackers filled with cracker jack?  If I were a resident of Tustin, I’d be very leery of purchasing ANYTHING from Whole Foods Market at 2847 Park Avenue.  

Via the AP.

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