Man In Hawaii Charged With Threatening To Kill Obama.

12/23/2008 02:32:00 AM

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mark-miyashiroHere’s one I haven’t heard of, and it happened 11 days ago. 

As everyone knows Obama is in Hawaii on Christmas holiday.  Well, federal agents arrested a 56-year-old Hawaiian man after he allegedly threaded to attack and kill Obama when he visited Hawaii. 

Mark Miyashiro allegedly made threats December 3rd to a doctor who is treating him for a schizophrenic disorder.  Miyashiro apparently told his doctor that he planned to take Obama “out” with a slingshot and marble to prove that Obama is the antichrist and to test to see if after being killed Obama would come back to life.

Miyashiro then allegedly made more threats when Secret Service agents interviewed and arrested him at his home in Kaneohe after the doctor notified authorities.  Miyashiro repeated his plans to them explaining that he planned to take them out first in order to get to Obama.

They also confiscated a Russian SKS assault rifle.

Miyashiro is charged with one count of threatening the life of the president or the president-elect, which is punishable by up to five years in federal prison, a $250,000 fine and up to three years probation.  He was being held at the Federal Detention Center in Honolulu without bail.

I did find a Mark Miyashiro on Facebook and fifdififdi from Hawaii with the same picture, and I did find a listing for a Mark Miyashiro in Kaneohe on “Merchant Circle” and he has written several articles on Helium.  Topics include gun ownership, racism, the death penalty, censorship, education and many touching on spirituality and mental illness.

He is also on “PrintNPo$t” and describes himself to be known as “The Unemployed Comic” and as the “first Okinawan-Jew Stand Up Comic in Hawaii.”

According to one of the articles, he had done his final broadcast on Mar 14, 97 after 20 years of TV.  He says that afterwards he traveled to Israel, NY, St. Louis and to Ghana and made documentaries and that he also became sick with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

According to his bio on Helium, he worked for “many video production companies and worked for several TV stations, at one time I was Production Manager for a Japanese Ind. TV station.  Currently I am teaching a class on editing for the Mentally ill.”

In one article titled “Schizophrenia:  what it is”, Miyashiro talks about fighting his demons with mental illness.  “.. I thought everyone had their voices.”  “I also go involved with conspiracy theories, the govt was out to get me, that I must stop the govt from it’s evil plans.  I still believe this is true it’s just that I keep my opinions to myself.”  “Yes life is an adventure, I accept my condition and try my best, there are times I feel I don’t need my meds anymore, but my family helps me with that area.”

Chances are this man “fell off the wagon” with his meds, and thus the paranoid delusions came back.  He’ll be found unfit to stand trial due to mental illness, and confided to a state hospital until a later time.

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