Obama May Choose Illinois Rep. Ray LaHood Ss Transportation Secretary. Truckers Get Another Person With No Experience Telling You What To Do.

12/18/2008 03:20:00 AM

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lahoodFor those few in the transportation industry that follow my blog, lemme tell ya sumptin.  LaHood is CLUELESS about the DOT. 

He has been a presiding officer of more debates than any other member.  He presided over the impeachment vote of Clinton.  And he has VERY LITTLE experience in the transportation industry on ANY level.

Lets hope the rumors on this one ARENT true.

His Appropriations Committee Assignments are:
     ■  Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies.
     ■  Subcommittee on Legislative Branch
     ■  Select Intelligence Oversight Panel

Legislation he has sponsored, in reverse order:

  • H.R.1455: Commemorating of the 25th anniversary of the terrorist bombing of the US Marine Corps barrack in Beiruit, introduced 09/17/08
  • H.R. 1625:  To establish the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area, introduced 09/21/07
  • H.R. 2687:  To amend title 39, U.S.C., to prevent certain types of mail matter from being sent by a Member of the House of Reps as part of a mass mailing.
  • H.R. 4819:  TO extend the temporary suspension of duty on 2-Methyl-4-methoxy-6-methylamino-1,3,5-triazine. [A Herbicide], introduced 12/18/07
  • H.R. 4820:  To extend the temporary suspension of duty on N-YY(4,6-dimethoxypyrimidin-2-yl)amino?carbonyl?-3-(ethylsul onyl)-2-pyridinesulfonamide and application adjuvants, introduced 12/18/07
  • H.R. 4821:  To extend the temporary suspension of duty on 2-amino-4-methoxy-6-methyl-1,3,5-triazine, introduced 12/18/07

    And it doesn’t get any better.

    And if you think that is bad.. wait until you see the co-sponsored legislation

    Legislation he has co-sponsored, in reverse order:

    • H.CON.RES.7:  Calling on the League of Arab States and each Member State individually to acknowledge the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan and to step up their efforts to stop the genocide in Darfur, introduced 01/04/07
    • H.CON.RES.25:  Expressing the sense of Congress that it is the goal of the United States that, not later than January 1, 2025, the agricultural, forestry, and working land of the United States should provide from renewable resources not less than 25 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States and continue to produce safe, abundant, and affordable food, feed, and fiber, introduced 01/10/07
    • H.CON.RES.28:   Expressing the sense of the Congress that a commemorative postage stamp should be issued to promote public awareness of Down syndrome, introduced 01/10/07
    • H.CON.RES.48:  Recognizing the efforts and contributions of the members of the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives program under the Civil Affairs and Military Government Sections of the United States Armed Forces during and following World War II who were responsible for the preservation, protection, and restitution of artistic and cultural treasures in countries occupied by the Allied armies, introduced 01/31/07
    • H.CON.RES.49:  Concurrent resolution recognizing the 75th anniversary of the Military Order of the Purple Heart and commending recipients of the Purple Heart for their courage and sacrifice on behalf of the United States, introduced 01/31/07
    • H.CON.RES.108:  Expressing the sense of the Congress that a commemorative postage stamp should be issued honoring Rosa Louise McCauley Parks, introduced 03/29/07
    • H.CON.RES.117:  Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the settlement of Jamestown, introduced, 04/18/07
    • H.CON.RES.376:  Congratulating the 2007-2008 National Basketball Association World Champions, the Boston Celtics, on an outstanding and historic season, introduced 06/23/08

    Oh and here’s my personal favorite.  I guess this is his transportation experience:

    • H.CON.RES.305:  Recognizing the importance of bicycling in transportation and recreation, introduced 02/28/08

    And it gets worse:

    He also voted “YES” on the auto bailout.  And he voted “YES” on the bank bailouts.  But would you believe he’s a republican?  WTF?

    Transportation Experience

    LaHood hasn’t made transportation much of a priority during his career.  Over the years, LaHood has been involved in some related issues in his district, though.  Here’s a quick list:

    • Last year, LaHood argued openly that the idea of Amtrack coming to his native Peoria was a far-fetched one that should instead be replaced with bus service to other cities.  He dismissed calls for a long-term plan for Amtrack service there and did nothing in Congress to improve the chances for that city’s rail accessibility. (The Passenger Rail Investment Act)
    • He also has worked to mothball an exiting rail right-of-way and replace it with a greenway, and idea that would be nice for walkers and bikers but make it difficult to envision mass transit on the route in the future.
    • This year, he did sponsor a bill to improve the ability of people to claim tax exemptions for transit ridership. (The Saving Energy Through Public Transportation Act)
    • Back in 2005, he helped work to get funds for the improvement of a road in Illinois.
    • And umm.. uhh.. gee.. umm.. I guess that’s about it after seven terms in Congress.



    But hey, I guess having absolutely no experience with the transportation industry is okay for Obama.  I mean he’s from Illinois and he’s a big Lincoln supporter so in Obama’s eyes, that’s all that is needed right?   And what Washington experience does Obama have, and hey, he’s gonna be our next savior president.   And as we ALL know, any political figure from Illinois is a great person right?  Just ignore that whole Governor Blago thing, ya know.  Nothing to see here, keep moving.

    If indeed this is true, Mr. LaHood would be an excellent pick by the Obama administration,” said Rod Nofgziger, OOIDA’s Director of Government Affairs.  Has this guy been sniffing way too many diesel fumes or what?

    But according to the OOIDA, LaHood voted for the legislation that intended to stop the cross-boarder program with Mexico by prohibiting the Secretary of Transportation from granting authority to a motor carrier domiciled in Mexico to operate beyond U.S. municipalities and commercial zones on the US-MX border, unless expressly authorized by Congress.  Now we all know where THAT went.  It happened anyway.

    TransportTopics says that the congressman did not seek re-election last month after being in Congress for seven terms, and has been known for his willingness to criticize his own party and to work with Democrats.

    So get ready guys, to switch from trucks to bicycles, leaving smaller carbon footprints, so hammer down guys.  And also have more people that have absolutely no experience in trucking telling you what you can and can’t do and how to do it.  Time for an official ratchetjaw heading the DOT.  Oh but hey, you might actually get some recognition by trucks being put on stamps instead of real recognition of pay raises.  Isn’t that special!

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