What’s Warming Up In The Bullpen

12/15/2008 11:57:00 PM

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It’s time for another bullpen post.  There’s just WAY too much going on in India and Iraq right now to keep up.  Sounds like something big is coming.

But what is interesting, is that I am finding this information not through US media or International Media sources such as AP or UPI, but more independent news outlets located in Pakistan.

  ■  Two Taliban killed as troops continue Bajaur advance, [Daily Times, Pakistan]

  ■  Haulers stop NATO supplies, [Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan]

  ■  Pakistan:  Taliban destroying NATO supply lines [Adnkronos Security]

  ■  President, PM discuss violation of airspace by Indian aircraft [Daily Times, Pakistan]

  ■  US:  India prepared for Pakistan attack, say Pentago officials [Adnkronos Security]

  ■  Tribesmen Kidnap Three Germans in Yemen [Deutsche Welle]

  ■  Egypt:  Meeting blocked between top Arab and Israeli official [Adnkronos Security]

  ■  Attacks in Iraq kill 20 people [CNN]
    -  Includes seven family members found shot dead in their home.
    -  Suicide attackers in Baghdad kill 9 police officers.
    -  Roadside bomb in Mosul kills 2
    -  Female suicide bomber kills U.S.-allied local leader and son.

  ■  UK to increase Afghanistan force by 300.  [BBC]

  ■  Hamas and Israel trade warnings as end of truce nears [Agency France Presse (AFP)]

  ■  Railway track blown up near Noshki [Daily Times, Pakistan]

  ■  40 Taliban killed in Afghan-NATO operation [Daily Times, Pakistan]

  ■  Suspected U.S. Missle strkie kills two in Pakistan [Reuters]

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