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12/08/2008 02:41:00 PM

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Gee, I didn’t know that if I wanted to see Obama’s Certificate of Life Birth (not his Certificaion of Live Birth) that I was a tinfoil hat 9/11 conspiracy believer.   Wow, thanks for telling me something I didn’t know about myself you wonderful people over at Little Green Footballs.

Because to quote a phrase from the comments section, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, LGF’ers are from URanus” since your head is up your ass.  And I have one little question for them.  “Do ya feel loquacious LGF’ers?  Well, do ya, punk?  Because it’s pretty obvious to me you do.” (And I bet most of em have to look up the meaning of that word… )

They also seem to think that we believe its all a conspiracy.  Hmm.. don’t believe I ever said that or ever thought that.  I believe I’ve said I find it suspicious that a man would rather fight for his “privacy”, the man who would be the next President of the United States, than to show the damn piece of paper and end it all.  What’s the harm in showing the damn thing?

And why has Kenya stated they have sealed his records in Kenya.  If he wasn’t born there, and hasn’t lived there, then why are there records that have to be sealed?

And they are stupid enough to even tell people to go to “FactCheck” for the truth about the thing.  I’ve never said the document that is shown isn’t real.  I HAVE however said that according to HI law, that he document he has is nothing more than proof of a live birth, but not a live birth in HI.  Check it yourself before running your little fingers across the keyboard and showing your lack of intelligence by not researching.  I would also remind you that FactCheck at one time said that Obama was a citizen of Britain.  So which is it, eh?

I am also a kook, and according to some of the comments left by their intelligent community, that I am “immoral”.  THey seem to think that I am a person who believes in a conspiracy with the Kennedy Assassination.  They seem to think that I’m the type of person who believes that Bush planned 9/11.  They also seem to think that I’m a Ron Paul supporter… ew.  And that I visit a website called “Prison Planet”, which I had never heard of before.  I’m surprised they didn’t accuse me of thinking the lizards are taking over. 

And they show their stupidity by calling Obama the President-Elect.  Here’s a little history lesson for you LGF’ers.  He’s not the President Elect.  He’s the President Delegate.  Obama will not be the President Elect until AFTER the electoral vote on December 15th, and counted and announced by the House on January 6th, 2009.  Ignorance is forgivable.

And that we, those who want to see the birth certificate, think of them as anti-Constitutional.  You better believe your little green footballs I do think that.  You seem to think that the Constitution is disposable.

If you don’t believe in following the laws set up by the Constitution, then forget your rights to your First Amendment, which is the freedom of speech.  So say bye bye to Little Green Footballs, and all other blogs, if they are not “acceptable”.  Also say bye bye to the NAACP and the ACLU, as you have no rights based on ANYTHING.  Forget about assembling for any meeting, you’ve just lost that right.  Forget about anything to do with religion, unless its what is acceptable to the current Administration.  Wait, is that Hitler I see rounding the corner? 

Forget your Second Amendment, which is the right to bear arms.  So forget about that hunting trip you wanted to take. Forget about your bows and arrows and knives and swords, they go bye bye too.  Who needs “public defense” when we have such 100% honorable law enforcement agencies and officers, who protect everyone, right?

Forget your Fourth Amendment of search and seizure.  So the next time you get pulled over, or stopped by the Border Patrol, you have no right to complain.  If you are just walking down the street and are pulled to the side because you fit a “profile” and are searched, don’t complain.

Forget you Fifth Amendment, which guarantees you right to not incriminate yourself.  Forget it, you have to talk.  Torture is an option as “Ve have vays of making you talk!”

Forget about your Sixth Amendment to a right to speedy trial, and the right for a trial to judge for guilt or innocence. Forget about due process.  Let your ass sit in a jail cell until you rot with no trial.

Forget about your Eight Amendment protection of cruel and unusual punishment if you are convicted of a crime. 

Forget about the Twelfth Amendment of even holding elections for a president.  Time for a dictatorship right?

Forget the Thirteenth Amendment, which guarantees you the right to not be subject to slavery, or “serve” in Obama’s mandatory “America Serves” program.  Time to bring back slavery right?

Forget about the Fifteenth Amendment, which protects you no matter what race you are, that you have the right to vote.  Oh wait, say bye bye to that right also. 

Forget about the Nineteenth Amendment, which protects women’s rights.  Time to head back into the kitchen girls to cook, clean and have a martini in your hand when you man gets home.  Oh and don’t forget to massage his feet too, or your a bad woman.

Forget about the Twenty-Second Amendment, which sets Presidential term limits.  Hey, lets keep Bush in office until he dies of old age!

Hell I bet even HALF of the people who think we “kooks” don’t even know the first five Amendments.  But the point is, you throw one Amendment out, you THROW THEM ALL OUT.

But what do I care right?  I’m just some “kook” who believes in conspiracies, right?  Because in reality, in 2012, Planet X is coming back and we will all be dead, right?  *end sarcasm*

And gee look, I never used the term liberal left wing morons either, now did I?  Shucks…

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