Girls Laugh While Few Feet Away, Armed Robbery Takes Place. [Video FOUND again]

12/12/2008 03:31:00 PM

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121208laughMainIn the video, it shows the restaurant continuing to serve customers after the male victim was shot, wounded and left bleeding on the floor.  Additionally in the video, two young black girls are shown casually leaning against a wall, laughing as the black customer while he is be robbed at gunpoint by two black males, finally running off when shots are fired.  The man is shown slumping in the corner of the building, while bystanders just look on, doing nothing to help the man.

The shooting occurred Aug. 6, 2008 at 12:12am, shortly after a 46-year old man entered the Chinese Cuisine carryout on Harford Road in Northeast Baltimore, according to charging documents.


People who live in the neighborhood say this particular location has had it’s share of problems.  “Around here people get robbed here in this store all the time and a lot of people are cautious about coming in there because they like I might walk in there I might get robbed because people always hear about people getting robbed in there,” Kolin Cooper who lives in the neighborhood says.


In a December 1st court hearing, prosecutor Jen Rallo said “[The victim] is left crumpled on the floor of the carryout, bleeding.”  “He is left to live or die on his own.  … No one helps [him],” Rallo said.  “He is in pain.  He asks to go behind the counter because he is afraid these individuals will return and shoot him again.  And the store actually continues serving customers as [the victim] is bleeding on the floor.”

Two 17-year-old entered the store – first one, then the other – with blue bandannas covering parts of their faces, Rallo said in court, describing the video to the judge.  They rummaged through the customer’s pockets, held guns pointed at his head and then both shot at him, striking him in the left knee, Rallo said.

The victim could have lost his life,” the prosecutor added.  “There was no need to shoot this victim.  There was no need to attack this man.”

The two 17-year-olds are Darren Brown, of the 3300 block of Ellerslie Avenue, and David Jefferson, of the 2700 block of Tivoly Avenue.  After the judge viewed the video, he ordered the two teens to be tried as adults with first-degree murder, a charge in Maryland that carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.  They are scheduled to go to trial for the shooting in February.

Rallo said that Brown’s admitted full time job – drug dealing – shows he’s acting as an adult.  “He was selling drugs, making $200 a day.”


Lewyn Garrett, Darren Brown’s attorney, said his client should be tried as a juvenile, keeping with a recommendation from court medical services.  He said Brown suffers from lead poisoning and has a learning disability.  [Yea, as IF those conditions stopped him from robbing a man, and shooting him.  If he’s capable of doing said act, then he’s capable of serving time in the big house.”]

Garret has also complained that the prosecution has not turned over the names of their witnesses to him, calling them “phantom” witnesses.  [Umm, yea, as IF there are witnesses needed to show an act of crime…]

During Wednesday’s meeting of Baltimore’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Mayor Shelia Dixon condemned the girls in the video, saying “It’s like business as usual.  Clearly … we have some very mentally disturbed individuals in the city.”  She has also said the video is quote, “an unfortunate reminder that we must treat some violent juveniles as adults in the criminal justice system.”


The 46-year-old man who was shot is undergoing physical therapy.  He is also suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, according to prosecutor Rallo.


Yep, both “boys” should be tried as adults.  Drug dealing “boys” who robs and shoots an unarmed man, who is not threatening to them, because “times are hard” deserves time at the Big House.

And I’d also be looking at the two young girls laughing, as I’d be willing to bet, they are in on it.  They stood by, giggling and laughing, acting like nothing is wrong.  And anyone want to bet these two girls are minors?  Why are they out after midnight?  Where are all of these kids parents?

And if there was any way to legally shut down the restaurant, I’d do it.  I don’t know any restaurant that can’t be shut down if a Health Department actually does their job.

As for the Mayors comment about “we have some very mentally disturbed individuals in the city,” my comment would be YA THINK? And, if that is news to the Mayor, then she really needs to get out more.

The video is NOT complete as the one that seems to be shown in court.  And if the below video “disappears”, as it has once already, here is another link.  And one more link.  And I found one more, just incase.


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