What’s Warming Up In The Bullpen.

11/26/2008 10:35:00 AM

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■  Government Bailout Hits $8.5 Trillion [SF Gate] (With a nice graphic)

■  Fox 5 New York Gives Richard Fuld’s Home In CT With a Surprise Visit [FOX 5] (With Video)

■  Bailout Bucks to Banks [ProPublica] (with nice graphic and chart)

■  History of U.S. Gov’t Bailouts [ProPublica] (again, with nice graphic and chart)

■  Obama Defends Cabinet:  The Change Will Come From Me [Huffington Post]

■  Citibank is doubling APRs, even if you have perfect credit.  [Michelle Malkin]

■  Feds Warn of Terror Plot Against NYC Subways [SF Gate], [CBS News] [CNN]

■  Bedlam, Pandemonium, Engulfing the World in Chaos [NightBlogger] (Recommended Read and Recommended RSS Feed)

■  Terrorists:  “Yes, Our Official Website Is Hosted In The U.S., so WHAT?” [The Jawa Report]

■  Iranian Regime Says It Launched a Space Rocket [Gateway Pundit]

■  U.N. Urged to Take Action Against Killer Asteroids [FOX News]  (Maybe there is something to 2012 and Nibiru after all?  Take into account the following reports.)

■  Six Foot Asteroid Entered Atmosphere Night of Nov 24th Over Sudan [FOX News] (Not the Canadian one)

■ 1-Ton Meteorite Falls in Canada on Nov 20th [API] (YouTube, YouTube, YouTube)

■  Lost Tool Bag From Shuttle Can Be Seen in Night Sky [Fox News] (Video)

■  And Finally.. Ever Wonder What Happens To The Turkey That Every Year The President Pardons?  [Yahoo]


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