Circuit City Refund Checks Bouncing….

11/26/2008 11:59:00 AM

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circuit_city_logo[5][5][5] via:  The Consumerist

If you have a Circuit City refund check not deposited before 11/10, it’s going to bounce.

A posting on the internal Circuit City forums from an irate store manager upset over having to shrug his shoulders in response to a customer who had a $2,500 Circuit City refund check bounce elicited this response from the CC accounting team:

Due to the Ch 11 filing, the bank had to put a stop on all checks that had not been deposited.  We WILL be reissuing all bounced checks.  I don’t have an exact date to tell you, but we intend to make good on every single mail refund that bounced.

I wonder when the exact date will be?  Six months from now?  And are they going to issue refunds on the check being returned.  And any subsequent fees associated with said check being returned?

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