Chris Crocker……. *eyeroll* [Not Again.]

11/25/2008 10:53:00 AM

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cc Chris Croker is back again…  NOTE:  People who are easily offended should not take a “gander” at this post.

If you don’t know who Chris Crocker is well.. first your not missing much.  But he’s a big fan of Britney Spears.  Shortly after Spear’s did her infamous “comeback” if you will, on MTV, which was noted to have been absolutely horrible, which it was, he made a rather dramatic little video titled “Leave Britney Alone” to defend her against all the negative comments and publicity against her  And he tearfully expressed fears about his fellow southerner, Britney ending up  like Anna Nicole Smith.

In case you missed it….. here’s the drama queen in all “his” glory a year ago, when he was living in Tennessee.


While in TN, the kid shot quite a few self-directed “monologues about his life” shot from his  Pentecostal grandparent’s home.  He’s been pretty openly "gay” since he was very young, bringing Barbie dolls to kindergarten for show and tell, which because of “death threats, bullying and glares at his clothes and makeup” made him become a homeschooled boy.  According to Crocker, when his grandmother found out he was gay, she initially “said that [he] needed an exorcism”.

chris-crocker-message-for-perez-hilton-[BTW, if you are sensitive, and have gotten this far, you really don’t want to go any further….. and it’s not because of me.]

Now, according to his private MySpace profile, he lives in LA.  And he’s speaking out about Prop. 8 in California in a video titled “MORMONS, I WILL get MARRIED!”  addressed to “all these Christians, and all these mormons and all these people who voted yes on Prop. 8”.  And he… she… umm… well.. lemme put it to you this way.  He’s letting us know that those who voted yes on Prop.8 forgot about the transgendered people.  That he’s going to get married and we can’t stop him, no matter what.  And just to prove a point, he’s going to cut a certain body part off, seduce a man, walk down the aisle, and when the preacher starts talking about a man and a woman, he’s going to tell the preacher “I was born a man bitch, now get back to readin’ that Bible, old preacher.”


Needless to say… he’s become quite the drama queen.  And fair warning. If you are easily offended to strong language, don’t watch it. Rant after the video.



Ya know, I don’t care what people do when it comes to their sexual lifestyle.  I really don’t care, as long as it’s legal and consensual.  That’s between two sane adults.  And that’s their business and no one else’s however…….  this Prop 8 “thang” has just gone way too far. 

ChrisCrockerLOL No one is stopping anyone from getting married, just don’t expect it to be recognized by a court.  No one is stopping anyone from loving anyone.  To me, a marriage license, well, it’s just a piece of paper that says your legally married.  Just because I don’t have one,  doesn’t stop me from caring about someone.  It doesn’t stop that other person from caring about me.  And as for legal issues.  There’s that little thing called “beneficiary” if all you worry about is money.

And yes, I am in a traditional relationship, and if you will “straight” as an arrow.  But what people do with their relationship is their business and no one else’s.  The problem arises when people who act like the stereotype (ahem…. CC) who want to push their lifestyle on everyone else while they can’t accept traditional lifestyles pushed on them.  And its people like this that make it difficult for others, such as the elderly woman who was attacked by gays during a demonstration.

l_92e9fb7bf053a1fc3da169e3dc1aa7ac And as for cutting body parts off?  Well, that’s one’s choice.  But all I have to say on the matter is CC can cut, tuck, bleach and implant all he wants, but as he says, he was “born a man, boy”…. lemme see him have a child, the one thing that a woman can do, that a man can’t.  He might be able to do makeup better than the average woman.  He might be able to walk in stiletto heels.  But lemme see him have a child and breast feed that child.  Hello!  Welcome to reality!  Cause “bitch please”, being a drama queen will get you nowhere.

Oh, and he needs to clean his room like a good little “girl”.


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