So How’s Your Change Going?

11/20/2008 09:26:00 PM

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Just a little reminder, since November 5th, the down has dropped from an opening of 9616.60 to a closing of 7997.28.  That is a 1619.32 drop.  The Dow had been on an upward swing for about a week finally however, do I need remind anyone what happened on the eve of November 4th when the market started going down again on November 5th?  The Dow Jones is at an 11 year low. 

1 Month is –18.49%
6 Month is – 41.13%
YTD is –43.07%
1 Year is –41.95%
3 Year is –29.85%
5 Year is –21.49%
10 Year is –18.72%

Say bye bye to more of your 401K. 

All that is going to be left of anyone’s stocks and 401(k)s is going to be change.  How’s that for change?


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