GM’s Propaganda “Threat” ‘If You Don’t Bail Us Out, This Is What Will Happen’ Video.

11/17/2008 06:21:00 AM

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The following propaganda video was made by GM “to explain some of the economic impacts in the country today.”

So let me get this right.  Auto sales are down, no one is really buying new cars because they have no money, or can’t get a loan and thus the Big 3 are suffering.  So they are asking for a bailout, so they can pay Union worker to either stand around and get paid, or work and make fewer cars that no one is going to buy and sit on lots and pay off their pensions and healthcare benefits to those who have retired.

And in the meantime, the Big 3’s demand for supplies lowers, thus the suppliers aren’t making as much money and lay off people or go out of business, just so the Union’s can stand around and half work still getting paid their same wage (which with all benefits has been determined to be around $70 an hour), and also so the Big 3 can pay their pension funds to those who no longer work for the Big 3?

And in this video, GM says they are responsible for generating $693 billion in new vehicle sales.  Well, they aren’t this year, now are they or they wouldn’t be asking for welfare now would they?

And all the Big 3 are good for is $60.1 billion in 2009?  $54.3 billion in 2010 and $42.0 billion in 2011?  That’s all the Big 3 are good for?  Pfftt…….

Did I miss anything?

Ya know.. welcome to the recession Big 3 and all your 239,000 employees, all your 775,000 retirees and family, and 2 million who use the Big 3 for healthcare.  Welcome to misery like the rest of the United States who have no jobs, and millions who don’t have healthcare benefits.  Because right now “I see no profit” in it for me, the average taxpayer and all I see is you getting bailed out by the Feds, while all your employees and retirees get things that the rest of the country is losing right now.  And ya know, 1.2 million people are unemployed right now, and you suddenly seem concerned about an additional 3 million (according to your skewed numbers).  Tell ya what, yes to your bailout however, EVERY taxpaying American in 2009 gets a 2010 vehicle for $500.00.  How’s that for a deal?

BTW, the Senate plans to introduce legislation Monday attaching an auto bailout to a House-passed bill extending unemployment benefits.  A vote is expected as early as Wednesday.  Again, the House can’t do it’s job, and the Senate cleans up for the House.

So why is it I ask, that a bank bailout was made in around three days from start to finish, and now its going to be the same for the Big 3, yet a stimulus package for taxpayers is taking MONTHS?

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