Why Does Obama Want You To Vote NOW And Not Wait Until Election Day?

10/21/2008 08:18:00 PM

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stopthemadnessTonight surfing "the internetz" using "the google" on topics unrelated to politics, finance or the stock market, there were Obama ads EVERYWHERE.  In a five minute time span, I ran across all the ads to the left.  I am so sick and tired of seeing ads telling you to vote with Obama's picture on them.  It does not matter where I go, they are EVERYWHERE.  Seriously, enough is enough.  I mean it's not enough to surf the net and see ads nearly on every page, its not enough Obama bought a 30 minute block of TV right before a World Series game, and now he's secured a 30 minute block of time at 8pm on CBS and NBC six days before the election? 

On October 6th alone, Obama spent $3.3 million in a single day of TV advertising according to an AP article.  At that rate, he will spend more than $90 million on ads through Election Day - more than all the money McCain has spent on his entire fall campaign!

"This is uncharted territory,"  Kenneth Goldstein, the director of the Advertising Project at the University of Wisconsin, told the newspaper.  "We've certainly seen heavy advertising battles before.  But we've never seen in a presidential race one side having such a lopsided advantage."

In a New York Times article dated Oct 17, it was report that Obama has advertisements running repeatedly day and night, on local stations and on the major broadcast networks, on niche cable networks and even on video games and his own dedicated satellite channels.  The article also stated that Obama bought heavily on football games and other nationally televised programs that, according to CMAG, a service that monitors political advertising, Obama spent $6.5 million on a day when McCain spent less than $1 million.

According to a UPI article dated Oct 18, Obama is likely to surpass the all-time presidential campaign ad-spending record set in 2004 by President Bush which was $188 million.

bilde Courtesy ads are being circulated in nine video games from Electronic Arts, and according to NPR, another nine!  The ads are on billboards and other highly visible objects in mostly sports games like Madden NFL 09 and NBA Live 08, and according to Electronic Arts, targeted at males aged 18 to 34.  And how is this done?  The manufacturers slipstream the compressed image files via your internet connection, so when you connect your XboxLIVE, the ads download in the background (without, of course, user notification).  At some point as your cruising around the race track or slamming hockey players into plexiglass, there's Obama, with a message that early voting is underway.

1018-pg1-ADSIn one commercial, which was a minute-long, Obama is seen recounting "one of my earliest memories:  going with Grandfather to see some of the astronauts, being brought back after a splashdown, sitting on his shoulders and waving a little American flag."  Can anyone please tell me what this has to do with the election, what it has to do with Obama's economic plans, what it has to do with how this country is to be run, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Is it just me, or does this seem like a HUGE waste of money with Obama to be the most expensive president EVER!!  And what you don't realize, is this is a subliminal marketing tool.  No there are no "subliminal" messages in the ads however, the more you see his face, the more you think about him, and more familiar with him, and thus you vote for him.  It's one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book.  Are you going to fall for it too?  Obama is counting on it to work.

ENOUGH already.  STOP THE MADNESS.  Why do I need a reminder to vote?  Why do I need a reminder from Obama to vote? Why do I need to see Obama's picture EVERYWHERE I go whether it be out in public or at home?  If he's like this now during an election, can you imagine what he would be like if he were president?

And one final thought to ponder, why is it so important to Obama for you to vote early?  Why do you have to make a decision RIGHT NOW?  Feel like a car salesman is pressuring you?

mccainpow Oh and a message to Obama?  My Father can't send email just like McCain supposedly can't, yet my Father served in WWII in Hawaii.  If not being able to send email is a determining factor of leadership and that McCain is out of touch, then what does that make my own father, and everyone else that is over 70 years old?  According to your campaign manager David Pfouffle, you are going to fight McCain on big issues that matter to the American people.  McCain supposedly not being able to use a computer (which incidentally came from a report of when McCain's fingers were broken and he couldn't type on a keyboard, tie his shoes or comb his hair) is a "big issue".  Yea, there some big issues alright, but its not with McCain.  And tell me Obama, what have you done for this country, other than run your mouth.

And no, I have not decided who I am going to vote for, but I know one person I am NOT going to vote for.

I leave with this new ad against Obama.

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