Totally Bored? Listen to Obama On Over 900 Radio Recordings. [Blast From The Past?]

10/27/2008 04:56:00 PM

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Apparently Chicago's government funded, tax supported public radio station WBEZ has 943 recordings of Obama; several from his early years as a local lawmaker.  So can he deny these statements?  He probably will, doing his double talk and defining terms via semantics.  Oh, or he can have Biden say, "NO MORE SOUP FOR YOU!"

Here's the link to hear more of Obama.

Oh one more thing.... about Obama and the previous WBEZ post.  Obama complains that the Constitution is a "charter of negative liberties".  Well, that's because the Constitution was interned as a LIMITING document of federal powers vis-a-vis the states and the individual.  Obviously Obama wants to undo over 200+ years of our history, and what our forefathers sat down for us.  Oh and he wants to trash the Bill of Rights by tossing the 9th and 10th Amendments which specifically limits the government's powers vis-a-vis the people and the several states.  Sp guess everything this country has been doing, everything it stands for, from our flag, to our National Anthem, to our Constitution to our Bill of Rights is WRONG. Right?  Wait... right, wrong,  left, extreme..... umm.. yea. 

Naa... that's not radical!  That's... hmm...  that's [censored].  (If I say the M word or the S word, then I'm racist.....)

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