Lehman Brothers Ex-Employees Need Your Money!

10/14/2008 11:57:00 AM

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bankrupt Why not lend a helping hand to former employees of Lehman Brothers?  Ex-employees of Lehman are selling Lehman Brothers branded items on ebay although they were suppose to get exit payments of six to nine month's pay.

How about an "Authentic Lehman Brothers Mouse Pad & 1 Lehman Pen" for $15.00?

Or what about a "Lehman Brothers Emergency Evacuation Kit" for $11.00?  These kits were created after 9/11 and include an orange whistle, a flash light, goggles, smoke mask, instruction card and a handy nylon bag emblazed with the Lehman logo?

Wanna feel like an Executive at Lehman Bros?  Then a "Lehman Brothers Vintage AMEX Corporate Card" is for you!  Or you can get a "Lehman Brothers Cafe 745 Dining Card" that was used at the HQ in NYC.  The seller states "Like Lehman Brothers, this card has no more remaining value."

Ever wonder about suspicious letters?  Post the "Lehman Brothers Suspicious Letter Recognition Sign" for a reminder.  It's a steal for only $0.99, but the $15.00 shipping is a little steep!

And for the truly refined how about a "Lehman Brothers Collectible Cigar Humidor" for only $59.99?  This one however, may not be "real" as the seller also offers humidors with the Masonic Logo, the Army Logo, Navy, Marines, etc.

Or how about a reminder of Lehman Brothers Mission Statement in a Paperweight?  For the current bid of only $20.50, it would be good for a few laughs!

Want the Lehman Bros look?  How about a  yellow "Lehman Bros. LEH Uptick Vineyard Vines Necktie"?  It comes in blue too!

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